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I created this page because I wanted to be able to include a page filled with resources about wireless technologies that are similar to NFC (near-field communication) but obviously are not the same thing. In order to understand one of these important wireless technologies you must be able to understand where the industry has come from and what some of the alternative technologies are. This is by no means a

The Bluetooth Company Website

Blue is a fantastic technology because it allows several things to be possible using wireless that would have previously been something that needed bulking space wasting wires. Video game controllers and headsets are converting to Bluetooth as well as Bluetooth cellphone headsets which make hands free calling in the vehicle more practical and much more affordable as well as easier.

Wireless Solutions for your business at developer works

This company provides outstanding wireless communication solutions for your small or average sized business as well as custom builds wireless apps for marketing, selling and communicating on the internet wirelessly.

Walkie Talkie Information and "How it Works"

This website provides a bunch of information about an age old wireless capability. The Radio. Using radio frequencies, military and civilians a like have been using these ?walky talkies? as an excellent way to communicate short and semi long ranged for unlimited purposes. Don?t worry about racking up a telephone bill when you can use these free wireless signals to get your point across. This technology is also popular for police and emergency vehicles as well as transport vehicles such as semis and tractor trailers.

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As I started this website off with, my name is Ed. And I am, without a doubt, a near field communication enthusiast...  more

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