The Wonders of Bluetooth Technology vs NFC technology

While Bluetooth technology is not the same thing as NFC by any means, it is however also an innovative wireless technology that I find just as intriguing. Some even say that using Bluetooth technology, NFC could become so much more.  

Bluetooth was invented by Sony-Ericsson in 1994 (Then it was only Ericsson so it was before the merger) as a possible replacement to certain radio transmission wireless data signals they were currently using. Just like NFC, Bluetooth sends and receives data over short distances in a highly secure signal. Typically Bluetooth works at a much further distance than NFC devices. NFC was designed for swiping your phone or near field communication device within a couple of inches of the receiver whereas Bluetooth devices are known to hold a solid connection from distances of up to one hundred feet away. Before a device can be given Bluetooth capabilities it must first go through a series of steps in order to see if the ?Bluetooth SIG? or special interest group will qualify it and grant it the honor of using Bluetooth technology.

Even though Bluetooth has a futuristic sounding name, it still uses a special variety of radio frequency to send it?s signals. The main difference is that it allows a very high speed, reliable, and secure signal that isn?t possible with any other current technology.

Currently, Bluetooth technology is being used in such devices as fax machines, printers, cell phones with Bluetooth headsets, home telephones, laptops and PC?s, GPS systems, cameras(for printers and whatnot) and even video game consoles.

Currently, the Playstation 3 has the most impressive use of Bluetooth technology (in my opinion) as it is used for wireless connections for their controllers, keyboards, and remotes as well as their microphones and headsets. Also, the PS3 can connect to other PS3 systems using Bluetooth as well as to a printer, yes you can connect your video game system to your printer!

My hope is that one day soon, near field communication will be as popular as Bluetooth is today. My estimation would lead me to believe there are probably only a handful of people in the United States that don?t use Bluetooth technology on a daily basis and because of their similarities this is definitely good news for the fate of NFC.

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