Augmented Reality and NFC

Augmented Reality and NFC -

         Like Near- Field Communication and QR Codes, augmented reality mends the real world with the digital one. Although, augmented reality is now used almost exclusively for video games and other entertainment purposes such as advertising it is quite similar to what QR codes and near field communication aim to do. For those of you who still don?t know what augmented reality is, it works like if you have something like a bar code that is specially created to be recognized by the camera or device to show something different on the devices screen. For example with the new Nintendo 3DS if you take an augmented reality card and place it on a surface you see nothing but a card with a question mark on it but if you are looking at the card through the Nintendo 3DS?s camera you see something like Mario standing on the table or maybe even a dragon. It is really cool stuff if you get to see it happen in front of you. My son has it and I was simply blown away, hence this webpage. I suspect I will make another page that provides several links and resources that show and tell more about augmented reality. I think this will work great if paired with NFC. The similarities are very apparent and the things they aim to do seem to be about the same thing. NFC seems much more practical for every day uses whereas augmented reality is better for entertainment type purposes but both of these lend to our cell phones becoming super machines.

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