Near field communication will certainly be listed among the most innovative things in recent years which will lead to many gadgets that are equally as innovative. Here is a look at some other new gadgets and technologies that can be considered among the ranks of NFC technology.

The Motorola Atrix 4G cell phone:

This new cell phone is truly incredible. It works better in all specification categories and on top of that, it is a computer as well. Simply attach this super-powered cell phone to the back of the Motorola laptop that is made with it and it single handedly powers the entire computer on it?s own. As those hilarious commercials insinuate, it really is a computer AND a cell phone. Be prepared to see a whole slew of copycats in the coming years. Add NFC and I?m totally there!

Microsoft Kinect Development Kit:

By this point, the majority of the people out there should know what the Kinect is. It is the motion gaming device that came out just before the holiday season last year that allows people to play video games without a controller. Neat Right? Well, just recently announced, Microsoft has released a development kit that allows developers (and anyone really) to do whatever they want with the technology. Already they have shown a recliner vehicle in which you control using your own hand motions in front of the Kinect camera. This was something that was quickly thrown together. Give it time, soon there should be some extremely cool stuff coming out of this kit!

Loading...Parrot Receiver Device: The Asteroid:

This is simply a cool little device that allows you quickly and efficiently give an older vehicle some of the great features that all these new fangled vehicles come with stock. This includes voice commands, the android operating system, wireless and no-hands calling, and even allows you to plug your favorite cell phones and mp3 devices right into it. It is compatible with gps, apps, internet radio stations (I heart radio anyone?)

Loading...Inflatable Seat Belts!!!

This fascinating new technology adds airbags to rear seatbelts to increase their safety value. Developed by the Ford Motor Company this year, it will allow rear passenger seat belts to inflate in the event of an accident and (hopefully) keep them safe. It?s unclear how this technology will work with car seats attached by the seat belt during an accident but I can imagine they thought of that and have included an option to disable the inflat-o-belts. The inflating seat belt is important for the elderly and for children to protect their sensitive chests during an impact.

Obviously these pale in comparison to how I feel about NFC and other near field communication related devices, but these are just a few of the things that are coming up on my radar. Being the writer of this website and the tech nerd that I am, I come across a lot of new technologies and these have been some of the best I?ve seen lately. Check back soon and I?ll probably add some more cool techno- devices I come across. Next week is my vacation so I should be able to prepare another page like this.

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