Near field communication in Health Care

NFC can also be used as an excellent way to make the health care system easier for everyone. It can be a great way of tracking when doctors and other healthcare professionals visit a patient which would prevent any human error such as forgetting to mark in a log that the patient was visited. This could also work very well to stop doctors from giving medication to patients who already received the medication but it was not logged in the book. Check out the following ways NFC can and is being used in the health care system. The full article can be found here.

?Not only can NFC tags provide medical professionals with information about what treatments a patient should receive, but they can also keep track of when nurses and doctors have checked in with that patient and when. Each time the tag is scanned, the information about who scanned it and when can be transferred to a database. In addition to improving treatment, NFC tags also have potential in the research realm.

A winner of last year?s NFC Forum?s 5,000 Euro prize was a program that helps track patients in low resource areas, and is currently being used in a pneumonia study of young children in Pakistan. Each child is given a bracelet with an RFID tag on it. The tag is scanned every time the child visits a participating health care organization. The clinical and laboratory data associated with that patient is collected and posted to a secure server in real-time.?

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