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I created this page because I know I?m not yet an expert on this technology. I wanted to be able to provide a page with external links that people can use to learn more about RFID and even see different perspectives. The last thing I wanted was for there to be a biased message on this website.

Radio Frequency Identification (PDF)? This document is brought to you thanks to the Federal Trade Commission or the FTC. This resource gives a very good perspective on privacy and security provided by RFID technology. It really allows an informational facts ?based view on the implications and applications of RFID technology.

 RFID for the Identifcation of Human  (PDF)? This document brought to you by the Department of Homeland security or the DHS discusses privacy concerns people may have with RFID as well as using RFID to track human beings. This is a controversial concept and that is probably why this document exists.

RFID Privacy Issues ? This website is brought to you by and definitely helps discuss privacy laws regarding RFID and where it is legal to use it. This definitely helps the reader understand what this technology could mean for the overall privacy of America.

Upcoming Technology Conference and Expos ? This is the website to a RFID manufacturer and supplier and it provides information about upcoming conferences and expos regarding technology. RFID and NFC are really popular right now so you are sure to learn about them if you attend these events.

RFID Passports ? This webpage is brought to you by Travel.State.Gov and it details the RFID information that is stored in US Passports. People might be worried that someone could wirelessly steal your information wirelessly off of your passport. This website squashes those concerns because the passport allows your passport to be tracked but does not store any of your personal information! Each passport has an individual identification number that would not give any potential thieves access to you.

WHTI ? RFID How To ? This website brought to you by gives a quick and easy tutorial to entering the country using your RFID identification card. It definitely helps to put the reader at ease if they were nervous about entering the country using this relatively new time saving technology. But as they say here, it is reliable and safe!

Schwarzenegger RFID ID Bill ? This website provides an excellent news article about the vetoing of an ant RFID Bill that was passed in California. Governor Schwarzenegger wanted to make sure this bill wouldn?t get in the way of the national bill that was soon on its way at the time.

RFID Identification Cards Video ? This video provides information about securing government identification using RFID and allows the viewer to see how RFID cards will be used and how they work compared to smart cards. Given today?s current security climate it is important to create a faster and more secure form of government identification.

Radiofrequency Identification (RFID) ? This article brought to you from the FDA or the Food and Drug Administration provides information about the possible health risks of RFID signals. People are worried about possible radiation and cancer risks and this agency helps to put people at ease.

Last but not least, What is RFID???- I couldn?t include this page without at least including the RFID article on It provides quite a bit of information about the history of RFID, how it works and where it?s going in the future.

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