The wireless phenomenon- Wi- Fi

The way wireless internet signals work is very similar to that of NFC or near field communication. This popular technology was probably a very large contributing technology to the development of NFC. Many people don't know that Wi-Fi actually stands for Wireless Fidelity which simply means your computer can connect to the internet wirelessly. No longer do you need to put your computer in the small cluttered room in the corner where the phone cable is. Now you can place your computer anywhere in range and receive a signal that will allow you to connect and disconnect to the internet without getting up. No cables and no wires. Wireless internet is available in DSL and other forms of high speed internet such as cable, and even new fiber optic internet connections. Wireless internet signals can be sent up to several hundred feet depending on the power of the signal, internet and wireless router. Many times a restaurant such as Panera and coffee shops such as Starbucks offer a free wireless internet connection. This will typically be called a wireless hotspot. Obviously used as way to get customers to come into the store and stay there thus spending more money but you have to admit it is quite convenient.

Anything equiped with a wifi chip will be able to connect to the internet for free in one of these ?wireless hotspots?. This includes hand held computers, cell phones, Ipods, laptops and even some desktop computers. In order to be sure your computer or device has these capabilities it will typically state right on the device whether or not it has the ability or it will have the option in the interface. If it is built into your computer you can access any networks whether they are private at your home or office at work and a public network such as one seen at restaurants and gathering places. Private networks are usually protected by a password which makes it safer and more secure but you also wont be able to access it unless you are given the password. Sometimes these passwords are long and complicated so good luck trying to guess it.

Wireless ?Wi- Fi? Internet Resources and Links Section:

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