When the idea of using your cell phone as a credit card first started spreading around many people (including myself) wondered if it was safe. If the store can take your account information and funds by a wireless signal, then what is stopping any old criminal with his or her own receiver from walking through a crowd and becoming rich. Obviously it wouldn?t be that easy, but if you remember correctly someone was able to hack into the Playstation Network earlier this year so there much be some brainiac out there that could find a way to use the nfc technology to steal account numbers and even money from unsuspected shoppers.

ARE NFC PAYMENTS SAFE?(PDF)- Yes says Mark Roberti in this interesting article.

Concerns for security are perfectly normal and natural as it is a new technology and it continues to increase in popularity. Recent studies show that Americans are willing to use this new form of payment once it is more readily available. Obviously, these Americans will only be interested in getting behind this form of payment if it is proven to be safe. So just how safe is it? The newest Android phone to include the near field communication technology and includes the ?Google Wallet? app. This app will allow the phone to use it?s NFC capabilities to pay for transactions at locations that include a receiver especially made to use this form of payment. At this time those locations are limited but due to its increasing popularity you can expect to see these begin to show up much more often within the next few years. This google wallet app will also include some special deals such as discounts and reward points for using the service and for shopping at certain locations. It will be incentives like this that will ultimately get people motivated to buy nfc enabled phones as well as use them to make purchases.

No longer will customers have to search through their pockets and purses to find their loose change, their checkbook or their credit and debit cards. Simply grab your phone that you are most likely already texting on and swipe it by the specially designed receiver to make your purchase.

Obviously such customers will be frightened that their funds will be stolen by an unseen wireless threat hidden somewhere in the store by a con man, evidence has even been shown that it could technically be possible for someone to steal your credit card information using a specially made receiver from a good distance away in the store. At the same time, it has also been shown, and proven, that paying with your phone with NFC technology is even safer than paying with your credit card. That?s right, it is much easier for crooks and con men to steal your credit card and account information when using a simple ?plastic? payment than if you are using your high tec encrypted NFC payment. The truth is simply that regardless of what form of payment you are using be that cash, credit, check, and yes even NFC it is possible for someone to steal from you.

So, to answer the all- important question, Yes it is safe to pay using Near field communication!

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