Late 1940?s:

Radar technology was first used to identify enemy and friendly aircraft. Technically this was the first used to RFID


A scientist and inventor Harry Stockman creates RFID and is credited with the invention. He also wrote a famous scholarly article about this new technology entitled, ?Communication by Means of Reflected Power?


Scienctists explored the possibilities of advancing Radio Frequency Identification. This new technology was intriguing and people wanted to see what else could be possible using it. Also this decade, inventor DB Harris creates a different variation of the technology with a passive responding chip.


The IFF long range RFID system is fully functional and beings production.


Scientists begin to develop new theories regarding what is possible for the future of radio frequency identification. Trials and research prove very promising for the future.


Inventor RF Harrington formulates new RFID ideas which include scattering data and information.


Security checkpoint and security tags/ anti- theft devices using RFID technology are first produced for commercial establishments


Testing and production of RFID devices and technology becomes increasingly popular. The technology is being seen much more often.


The first Radio Frequency Identification Transponder sytem is created


RFID research by Los Alamos Laboratories is finally released to the public. This allows the technology to be used by other companies and used much more widely. Many companies immediately scoop up the research and begin developing their own RFID products.


The first RFID transmitting license plate is created.


RFID decectors and identifiers are introduced


The first radio frequency identification chips that can be implanted into other things are created.


RFID becomes a commercial success and begins to become a mainstream product


RFID allows the detection and classification of radar reflective objects meant to be detected by rfid dectection devices. This same year, portable devices are introduced that don?t require batteries.

1987: The first toll road rfid payment system is introduced in Europe. This is the same technology we often see on throughways in our country today.


RFID truly becomes a part of everyone?s daily lives.


The first large scale marketing campaign for RFID begins. Also this year, The A A R Company begins to use the standards that the rest of the industry made for radio frequency identification.

1992: Toll road payment collection devices are implemented in the United States.

1994: Rail road cars implement RFID detection system.

1997: Special RFID cards are introduced for people in China

2000?s: By this time over 1000 patents have been submitted using the RFID technology

2003: Walmart makes and announcement that it will require RFID to be used by its supplying companies by the year 2006.


NFC Near field communication is introduced in the United States, thanks only to the advancements made by RFID

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