Near field communication vs Radio frequency identification

NFC or near field communication is actually an extension or a subcategory of RFID. It is a technology that is becoming more popular because of the applications and implementation it offers today in our everyday lives. It is very similar to other identification methods such as barcodes and QR codes however it uses invisible radio waves to identify an object from a distance. NFC is the newer version of RFID that is typically for use in a very short distance for making payments and downloading advertisements.

These radio frequencies use active and passive signals and sometimes even use both at once. Active signals are basically outgoing signals that actually come from the power source whereas passive signals use the energy they have received from the active signal almost as a reflection. These tags are made very small so they can fit inside of other devices and products for various reasons such as security and anti theft and individual identification. One thing that makes this technology better than barcodes and qr codes is that it doesn?t require a laser beam to have a solid path so it can travel between the two devices. It can track from inside devices, inside luggage, inside purses and packs as well as inside wallets and clothing.

RFID allows radio waves to send information fairly large distances to receivers. When given high amounts of power they can be sent extreme distances like in the case of airport radar. This is also quite useful in tracking animals and vehicles. On the other side of the spectrum things like passports and payment cards would be a bad idea to have long distance transmissions because of the risk that someone could steal your funds or personal information.

NFC was developed for this very reason. Short distance security for information and funds in a reliable new technology. This allows the technology to be mostly passive transmissions because it doesn?t need as much power. This is also good because it is better for the environment too. NFC technology has added security elements that makes it much more difficult to steal information than the previously popular RFID equivalent. This is what makes this technology so useful for turning your cellular telephone into a wallet.

What IS the difference between NFC and RFID??

Video about the difference between near field communication and ultra high frequency(UHF) RFID?

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