Hello world! My name is Ed and it?s time for a story?

It has always been my intention to build a web page. The only problem was I didn?t have anything I was really passionate about. It had to be something special, I wasn?t going to settle for any old thing I heard on the radio. Or was I?

A few years back I was on my way to work and I was cranky because we were out of coffee and mostly because the gentleman on the radio(NPR) was carrying on about the state of the economy and was taking callers for what seemed like the sole purpose of depressing everyone in earshot. Several minutes had passed and I was seriously considering changing the channel when all of a sudden they received a new caller. He said that he read in PCWorld that there?s a new technology where people can now use their cell phones as credit cards using this technology called ?Near Field Communication? which could quite possibly turn the tides on the state of the economy. The gentleman on the radio said the call was unrelated (which quite possibly was true) and the call was quickly dismissed. I wasn?t impressed with the correlation made that this near field communication or ?NFC? would magically fix the economy, what I was impressed with was the technology itself.

All day I considered the possibilities. I asked around to almost everyone asking if they knew anything about this new technology. Over and over again in my head I heard ?near field communication, near field communication?.? What did this mean? I received a few promising but very limited responses. Some co-workers had heard about it, others just stared blankly at me as if I was talking about an alien space craft.

Finally, it took my 14 year old son to lay it out for me and truly explain what this is and what it could possibly mean. It?s amazing that I spent the whole day with an office full of ?professional? adults responding with, ?N- F- What?!? and my son who was barely made it to high school was a top authority on the subject.

So here we are, I have a passion and now, I have a website. I hope to inform the uninformed, as I once was. I hope to take the time to write ?articles? or ?ramblings? on near field communication and related topics to get the word out there? this technology is here and most importantly it?s not going anywhere. I hope to not only prove to the world that I?m completely obsessed with this technology (I think that?s pretty apparent at this point) but I hope to one day grow from Near Field Communication Enthusiast to NFC Expert and pass that knowledge to all that visit my humble little website in this humble little (tiny really) corner of the internet.

So what is near field communication? I hope to answer that question for you as well as get you as hyped about this as I am?..

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As I started this website off with, my name is Ed. And I am, without a doubt, a near field communication enthusiast...  more

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