Serious Hope for NFC

Something that was recently announced that makes me very excited is that Visa will require any retail location that accepts their cards to also have near-field communication services available. This means that a lot of pressure will be put on these locations to get on the nfc bandwagon. This is very significant for our cause!

A recent article from business insider has a little tidbit that gives serious hope to the idea of NFC catching on.

The full article detailing the new Visa requirement can be found here.

?Visa will require NFC compatibility

Visa, one of the two biggest players in the payment network arena, will require merchants to have NFC payment processing systems by April 2013. This is sure to accelerate the use of mobile payments, but whether the technology will spread beyond tech-heavy Silicon Valley is anyone?s guess.?

Now retail locations will have two choices, get on board with NFC or lose Visa and potentially a TON of customers. Visa is a large enough company that it will easily get away with it and get the ball rolling in our direction. It kind of forces the technology and its benefits on people and companies.

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