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I thought it was important to create a links and resources page that gave several perspectives from Universities about near field communication. It is likely that the individuals studying this technology in school will be the same people that are leading this industry in the future. As you may remember, it was only a couple of Stanford students that created the mega corporation known today as google( who are also very involved in NFC today).Therefore, these ideas, views and criticisms are much more important than any old website on the internet.

MIT- Near Field Communication Success Brought to you by MIT this webpage discusses whether it appears NFC will succeed in the near future. (This is a PDF Document)

NFC Ideas from Stanford This website brought to you by Stanford explores the different ways in which NFC can be used to make your smart phone that much more useful. This is a PDF Document)

UMBC news story on NFC enabled Androids This news article from UMBC discusses the recent implementation of NFC into Android cell phones.

Ohio State Survey regarding NFC This is a fantastic powerpoint presentation showcasing a recent survey on NFC technology brought to you by Ohio State. (this is a PPT file)

PSU NFC Ideas This article is from PSU and it discusses various touch free features NFC will make possible (This is a PDF document)

WUSTL NFC Presentation This presentation is brought to you by Washington University in St. Louis and it gives their take on the NFC technology

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