Near field Communication Security Risks

Near Field Communication Security Threats-

This webpage serves to provide as a warning of possible risks that will certainly be in play while using NFC. It has been called probably the safest form of payment you could possible use but this doesn't mean you are invisible. Some of the fears consumers have about using near field communication to turn their cell phones into their wallets are real threats however rare they may be.

Even though near field communication only works for a few inches away from the device it is communicating with this doesn't automatically mean it will be 100% safe. NFC can be modified remotely and it can be eavesdropped upon as well as spied upon. If special security encryption and coding is administered this possibility will drastically decrease however it is not currently something that is standard and required for the technology. Consumers will need everything from special passwords (including keyboard passwords), antispy and virus ware as well which was currently not something that was needed with a cell phone and all of this will need to be done on the receiving end of the transaction as well. Some say these are unnecessary cautions and preventative measures however it is a fact that technology is out there that is capable of taking this information, below is a better understanding of each individual way a hacker or thief might try to access your NFC transaction.

?Eavesdropping? in this tense means that someone is gathering all the transferred information including your personal information and account information using an antenna which can typically be done from anywhere in the store because the antenna is sending out a signal that will in turn gather the signal of the NFC device and bring it back to the perpetrator.

Data modification refers to when someone uses a device to modify the information you are sending. This can include using a ?jamming? device that will essentially intercept and delete any and all information that was sent. This could mean erasing any record of your payment via NFC. It is possible to prevent this by using a radar type device to see what other devices are in range that could potentially be a threat to the integrity of the transaction. With the exception of this type of modification there could be other variations where data could be modified to tell a retail location that someone has money that they actually do not. This could cause a wide range of thefts that appear to be legitimate transactions.

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