Random thoughts on my cats!

I've been building this webpage for weeks and I felt like I really needed to be able to take a step back and write about my two wonderful feline friends. Jerry has been with us for about six months now and he is about one years old, right now in fact he is standing in front of me occasionally stepping on the keyboard and making this writing thing a lot more difficult. He's an orange tabby cat and throughly enjoys ?helping? me out with everything that I do. More like getting in the way if you ask me (Lol)! Iselle is our young one, my mother in law took in a stray cat and low and behold it has a litter of kittens. We weren't planning to get another cat since Jerry likes to have the house to himself but we couldn't just leave her with all those cats. We're really happy we took her in. Her and Jerry get along great now often playing well into the night and making it quite difficult to sleep. We feed them every morning around 7 am and every evening around 7pm with wet canned food and we have dry food out in a bowl all the time. We don't really know if that is how much we are supposed to be feeding them but it seems to be working out pretty well so far. We are definitely concerned with over feeding, the last thing we want is overweight cats which could lead to other health problems.

I recently came up with a great solution for their litter box. I added a cat door to a closet door to allow them to access the litterbox hidden within. This allows us to have a smell and mess free home which is exactly how we like it. Of course this does not stop them from tearing up the toilet paper or knocking fragile things off of shelves.

When we first got Jerry I was very concerned with the possibility that he would destroy all of our furniture so I decided to build a cat scratching post. I am extremely proud of the work I did on it I think it came out really good and both cats seem to like it they hang out around it all day long! One day soon I'll post pictures of those too for all my readers to see!

If you want an idea of what Jerry looks like, check out these pictures Pics Orange Tabby Cats on Google!! He's a short haired and looks just like the ones you see in the link.

Iselle or Izzy as we call her is a Calico Cat with absolutely gorgeous coloring. She's only 3 months old and she's quite a handful, to get an idea of what she looks like click here.

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