May 18

Two Great Examples of Quick Response Codes for Savvy Consumers

Quick Response Codes are coming into their own around the world and it really shows. Online QR code generators and QR code readers are making it easier and easier to enjoy these windows to the web anywhere you go. Now, here’s a pair of quick case studies showing just how two very different locations are harnessing the power of near field communications technology to make their communities better.

Erie, Pennsylvania Steps Into The QR Age

Erie, Pennsylvania shoppers are about to see a whole lot more of Quick Response Codes thanks to a civic investment of more than $10,000 from The Downtown Partnership, a group of business owners who contributed the sum to empower local companies with QR technology. The bid to save local business and help small merchants compete with larger national and online chains is expected to lead to a major boost in consumer awareness of what the downtown Erie area has to offer.

With a slew of early adopters and a plan to have the entire Quick Response Code program up and running by the city’s major events in June, business owners are being encouraged to create introductory videos that potential customers will be able to see on promotional items throughout the event season. For many of the local entrepreneurs, this is the first foray into interactive media, and something that’s sure to position them to expand their online marketing efforts!

London Goes Live With QR Code Program to Support Recycling

Naturally, there are just as many near field communication phones in London as there are in New York or any other great city around the world. In growing efforts to become even more eco-friendly — partially spurred by the upcoming Summer Olympics in London — the city has now taken on a new tactic: Quick Response Codes that lead to a raffle where recyclers can win prizes. All recyclers have to do is scan the recycling bin.

Once they scan, the recyclers are automatically entered into a daily prize drawing. Every day, one person will receive a gift certificate valued at £20, about $32. These include vouchers for great locales like London’s famous High Street shops and West End theaters. The end result? City leaders are hoping that the project will reduce waste and save the city more than £1 million over the course of its run.

Although this is only a pilot project, if successful it could herald the beginning of even more QR code fun in the streets of London, especially considering the intensive work that goes on whenever a city is preparing for the Olympics. What else can QR help London achieve between now and then? Stay tuned to find out more.