Monthly Archive: May 2012

May 25

At Long Last: QR Code Responses “Surging” Thanks to Video

Quick: What’s the most powerful form of media to deliver through your Quick Response Codes? Everyone using an online QR code generator should know this, yet it’s only now penetrating the world of mobile marketing. So what’s the answer? Video! Video is the thing that seems to be the biggest contributor to a huge increase …

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May 18

Two Great Examples of Quick Response Codes for Savvy Consumers

Quick Response Codes are coming into their own around the world and it really shows. Online QR code generators and QR code readers are making it easier and easier to enjoy these windows to the web anywhere you go. Now, here’s a pair of quick case studies showing just how two very different locations are …

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May 11

Amazing New Collection Shows Quick Response Codes Used in Class

If you’re a Quick Response Code expert, using an online QR code generator and a near field communication phone to do outstanding things for your organization, then you already know QR codes have terrific potential. Although they used to be found only on consumer goods like sodas, popcorn bags and other sundry items, they’re now …

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May 04

QR Password Safety and Password Security Issues Heating Up

No matter which near field communication phone you use, one of the biggest slices of the near field communication company pie is and will remain Quick Response Codes. These codes kicked off the entire idea of NFC, and although there’ve been a few contenders, so far there’s nothing out there that’s going to push them …

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