May 25

At Long Last: QR Code Responses “Surging” Thanks to Video

Quick: What’s the most powerful form of media to deliver through your Quick Response Codes? Everyone using an online QR code generator should know this, yet it’s only now penetrating the world of mobile marketing. So what’s the answer? Video! Video is the thing that seems to be the biggest contributor to a huge increase in QR responses. Just a few months ago, there were still some naysayers wondering if QR would ever have the great response rate we all knew could be possible — but now, it’s on its way.

The big news comes from QR platform firm Scanbuy, Inc. and was reported in BtoB Magazine. According to the report, scans of QR codes on “printed materials” — everything from billboards to magazines to fliers to road signs — is up. Way up: Scanning has seen an increase of more than 150% since this time last year. That can’t be attributed to the presence of more near field communication phones out there; that market has held steady, with market share between the major smartphones shifting rather than growing.

Instead, people simply seem to be more aware of near field communication companies’ efforts to reach them. If traffic trends are any indication, people are coming to realize that QR codes are fun and can be informative. They’re hunting for videos using QR the same way they might hunt for rich media experiences on YouTube or other sites. And like so many in the business, they might just like the idea of making the real world clickable.

Videos Aren’t the Only Thing Driving the Change …

Right now, videos are the biggest reason why QR is suddenly on everyone’s mind.

The reasons why?

1) Smartphone Ownership is About to Reach Critical: By 2015, the majority of people in America will own a smartphone, whether it happens to be a near field communication Android or iPhone. CNet reports that 65% of Americans will own a smart device in just three more years. Smartphones have arrived as a new part of the American consciousness and QR is the technology best positioned to make a big splash.

2) Data Plans Allow More Streaming Video: While some companies are running from their commitment to unlimited data plans, others are reassessing the market and realizing just how much people value bandwidth. Services like Netflix and even Amazon Prime are out there making feature films more available on mobile devices, so your promotional video or introduction is just a squirt in the bucket — not a month’s worth of data.

3) There’s More To It Than Just Video: Video offers all the advantages of the new media age. It’s fast, appealing, and colorful. But the Scanbuy research shows that video is not the only offering people are attracted to. There are several categories of content that get people scanning and clicking. These include app downloads, product info, prize programs and loyalty incentives. All in all, there are plenty of options.

This should be exciting news to any near field communication company or marketer. Not only are people becoming more and more attuned to QR codes, but they’re also showing that they’re open to a variety of interactive experiences. Your materials can serve as the gateway to those experiences and the first step on the path to a customer relationship.